• good films

    Vocaloid_Kagamine_Len_Rin_Pokemon_Pikachu:Dhatsune miku

    witch one do you think is the best film

  • New manga

    Does anybody have any really good manga or anime?

  • Newbie

    Well I'm new to this group and this whole blogging so be please take care of me *bows*:D

  • I'm back.

    I know I've been M.I.A but I'm back for good now, as long as there's some other contribution to the group, other than just my own.

    Sorry to anyone who was dissapointed in my absence, but hey... I'm back now.


    Expect new anime-related posts from me over the next few days!

    Here's a picture from the lovely anime Romeo x Juliet:

    Ryuba Romeo x Juliet

    My next post will be dedicated to anime music.

    Laila x

  • Gintama - Silver Soul -ww-

    Hi everyone, this is my first time to post sth on the group, hope that u would like it. =ww=
    The ID "Gintama" and "LaCorda" are both mine on, if u like these 2 anime, dun hesitate visiting my site. xd`
    You can call me sumsa or angela. =www=""

    I've been a fan of Gintama since this summer holiday.
    I must say that it is quite sudden and unexpected for me to love Gintama so deeply = ="""
    I spend all my time on this anime during the holiday and couldn't do anything else = ="" and it's not exaggerated.
    I decide to promote it immediately through internet, that's wt I'm doing right now =v="
    If u r already a fan of Gintama, plz share your views, I'm so excited to share my pt of views too =)
    If u r not yet a fan of Gintama, I suggest u to watch it at once =v=
    And now I'll be giving a brief intro about it; it's so great that you should never never miss it! =v=

    Gintama is originally a manga series on the magazine "Jump", illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi.
    It becomes a great success and a powerful trend after some chapters, thus it turns into anime and games.

    Though Gintama is a shonen manga, it is quite distinct from the others. Most of the time it is full of dirty jokes and gags =v=
    Howerver, when it goes serious, it often teaches a lesson and is meaningful.

    The other pt that states the difference between Gintama and the other shonen manga is that, the stories often last for 1 chapter only,
    the gd pt is readers will not easily get lost when they missed some chapters.
    I must say that I admire the author very much because Gintama (and he xd")always giv me surprise, and that's one of the reason why I luv Gintama.

    I know some people (including the editors of "Jump" =ww=") say that Hideaki has unsatisfactory drawing,
    and there's not much improvement in his work compared wif the early chapters he drawn,
    but I would like to say that though there're not obvious improvement in the drawings, it's quite gd already,
    and for the time for the author to draw is so tight, I really think that we should forgiv Hideaki for these little imperfect parts =w="

    For the characters that I like most in Gintama are, Sougo and Shinsuke, though I like most of the characters in Gintama actually =v= (It's too greedy -w-")
    Sougo is a kind of person who gets talent and wisdom, but uses this kind of gifts to do sth bad. xd`
    But that's not why I love him, the "immediate cause" for me to love him is because, he cried for his sister.
    The scene was too remarkable that I can always remember his expressions, actions, etc. at that time.
    For Shinsuke, actually, I don't like him at first, and questioned why he got the forth position in the poll -ww-
    But when I watched the animation, I fell in love with him for his smile, when Gintoki and Zura said they would kill Shinsuke the next time they met him. =ww=
    Plz share who u love in Gintama and why u love him!=ww=
    And that's all for this foolish entry =wwww=""

    For further details, you can simply refer to the wiki:

  • writing

    a long time no write my blog,now i come back
    at before i don't know how to write my blog,till now i understand,i love English,i don t like the teaching method i China,because there is no 'say English environment',so a lot of student find it's difficult to learn English.but i love it,they don't know how to creat a situation to learn it better.

  • Anime Girls



    Beautiful.jpg Beautiful picture by Anime_Forever07

    fairyears.jpg nice ears image by darkangelgrl

  • Ouran High School Host Club

    This was the first anime I watched, and not only did I get hooked on Ouran, I got hooked on anime.

    The story is, a girl called Haruhi moves schools, to Ouran High School. Everyone at the school is wealthy, but Haruhi isn’t. She wears a baggy uniform and appears to have short hair, and everyone mistakes her for being a boy.

    She meets a group of attractive and popular boys, who are in the Ouran High School Host Club, and they are all very different and the leader is Tamaki. He is a great character, and girls, he’s gorgeous (even though he’s an anime character.) They spend their time entertaining and charming girls for profit. Upon first meeting them, Haruhi knocks over an expensive vase meaning she is in debt to them and she joins the club. She does lots of boring jobs for them and eventually is upgraded to be a host like the boys are. Even when they discover she’s a girl she carries on. They have many silly but fun adventures, and love blossoms between Haruhi and one of the boys.

    Even for me, looking at that paragraph above wants me to go and have a nap somewhere, but it is seriously, a fantastic anime, and males and females of all ages would love the humour of it.

    Hope you watch this, and enjoy it if you do.

    If you've watched it before then please leave a comment saying what you thought of it, and if you haven't then go and watch it!

    Laila x

  • A good Anime website

    For those of you who use Crunchyroll, you will be aware that A LOT of anime has been taken down because Crunchyroll have themselves decided that the right thing to do is ask all the independent makers of anime shows if it's okay for Crunchyroll to allow anyone to watch the anime on their website.

    So, as Crunchroll isn't being very useful right now, I did some research and found a brilliant new website that can tend to our anime-craving needs.


    It's awesome, and from what I've seen so far, it has most anime on it!


    Have a look, and tell me what you think, and also if you use any good websites post them here.

    Laila x

  • Hey Ho

    Hi guys, just thought i would drop in and introduce myself. Names stu, i'm 23, currently dossing in a farmhouse in extremely wet northern france catching up on some anime and generally avoiding going back to the uk due to the financial thing that you guys have going on over there. anyway. quick question. without spoilers if possible, i'm 4 episodes into elfen lied (which is cracking by the way, how the hell did i miss it) and just wanted to know whether the dog bites it (wanta, the homeless girls dog) because to be quite honest, if he does, i'm skipping that episode (i have a real problem with animated animals, more specifically, i get very attached to them). anyway, let me know and check out my blog or add me to twitter (memaniasan) and lets tweet. here's a picture of wanta just to rekindle your memories...



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